The Name Game


The Name game is Free, fun for you and will make others smile as well.

About a year I was flying to Las Vegas to meet up with some old friends. I was going through a marriage separation at the time and was not exactly in the best of moods. Just the thought of flying was discouraging.  Packing, parking and worst of all dealing with the dam lines at the TSA. Little did I know it was the TSA agents who were going to flip my mood around and give me a Relaxdamit attitude check.

My first contact with a TSA agent that morning was named Audrey. Audrey smiled greeted me good morning and asked for my ID and pass. I was stunned enough to find a pleasant TSA agent that I thanked her by name. Once Audrey heard her name she had a huge smile on her face. So as I went through the airport I personally greeted or thanked everyone who had on a name tag. Every greeting was met with a smile and every smile helped me with my RelaxDamit! attitude check. At that point it was game on, let’s see how many people can I greet by name this weekend. Total for the weekend trip 42!!!!

Today I am going back to vegas so the goal is 43. 🙂


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