Merp Day


Somebody Tell Me I'm Doing Okay

I’m having an icky day.  A merp day.  When I’m feeling anxious or like I’m on the cusp of falling into a depressive state, I associate that feeling with just feeling blah, feeling urgh, feeling merp.  Sort of like:

“How are you feeling?”

“Meh.  Merrrrp.”

Interestingly, I googled “merp” to provide some sort of contest.  Urban Dictionary gave me this definition:

a word said when an awkward conversation is happening to make things less awkward,quiet or can be used as an expression of sadness or to change the conversation
boy: wanna high-five?

girl:….um no

boy: merp


It’s a merp day.

What bums me out even more is that I am coming off of 7 really incredible days!  I felt so happy at work, at home, in between.  I had very few panic attacks at work, and my negative self-talk was minimal.  I had no paranoid thoughts about my boyfriend leaving me…

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