Isolation, Solitude, Darkness, Suffering Vs. Light, Hope, Beauty & Inspiration


I just replied to a fellow blogger and it got me thinking on why I recently started blogging. It is no secret that those of us that have a mental illness are typically dealing with our condition in the dark and alone. I have the utmost respect for my medical and support team (family friends etc..) but they are not in my head. They just don’t get it.

I started my blog to help myself and maybe inspire others. If I see something that may aid in that I am happy to pass it along. I want to be there for others who need someone who might get what they are going through. I am Bipolar. I have General Anxiety Disorder, Depression, ADD, and Mood Disorders.

I don’t like to say I suffer from Mental illness because that is giving in to labels and feeling sorry for myself, but in fact at times I am suffering. At times I am not.

I have no formal training. All I have to offer what I have learned from my personal experiences and my hopes and goals for the path that I am on.

More often that not it my loved ones who are suffering because they can’t understand what they I am going through no matter how much they try or the good intentions they have.

For years I went to a Bipolar support group weekly but I got frustrated because more time was spent reading out of a book and following a program than talking with each other.

I have no interest in looking at my stats or making money from this blog. I am looking for ways to inspire myself and help support others.

Many of us are suffering from issues. The issues don’t have to be Mental health related.

Years ago I created a second Face book to play games, research Mental Health groups and in general things I did not want to share with my friends and family. So I am sharing this blog through FB and other mediums to reach out to as many people as possible.

Many of my posts will be a repost from others. If I see something that inspires me I am happy to pass it along. If something I say inspires you feel free to reblog it. Most of the people like myself need to see rays of hope. A little beauty goes along way. The repost might be poetry, photography, inspirational posts from others or just random things that interest me. I hope you don’t mind if I share some of your posts in the future.

Pardon me if I am rambling, I tend to do that.




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