My Love for Sunsets

Life Being Lauren


I have a confession to make… I think I may have an unhealthy obsession with sunsets…

Now I know lots of people will say, “Oh yeah, I love sunsets, they’re great” but I don’t actually think they understand to what extent I will go to just to get a glimpse of one…

There’s just something about them, I find them so relaxing and mesmerizing. I always have visions of me when I’m older, taking pictures of my kids on the beach, when the sun is setting (cute, I know). I have over 2,300 photos on my phone and I’d say a good 10% of them are of sunsets. Some of my most relaxing moments have been sitting and watching the sun go down.

My unconditional love for photography obviously doesn’t make this ‘problem’ much better. It just means EVERY SINGLE TIME I see a sunset, I just have to take a photo. Oh and no…

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