Through the Window

The Vision of Poets

P1010654Thanks to all those following and visiting this blog.  Last night’s post of “The Misunderstanding” has earned the honor of receiving the most visits thus far in one day for this site.  I appreciate you all very much and hope that I continue to present poetry that you enjoy.  I’m honored by your presence on this site.  I so enjoy your comments and the communication between us.  It’s good for the spirit…..

Through the Window

Looking through the window
At your alabaster face
The beauty steals my breath away
Your body draped in lace
I shouldn’t be this near to you
Deprived of your embrace
Yearning just to gently touch
Your virtue and your grace
Perhaps my clouded thinking
Enraptured by the dawn
Had somehow simply misconstrued
The pictures that were drawn
Shadows long in morning’s light
My image on your wall
Reflecting hidden passion’s truth

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3 thoughts on “Through the Window

  1. I’m very honored that you chose to reblog my post “Through the Window”. You are the first to reblog one of my posts and I am very grateful for it. Enjoying your site immensely…
    Thanks for introducing me to it…..


    • We are all in this together. You may have a heart disorder and I have a mental illness but the common link is that we are both working through tihings others might/ can not understand. I have the utmost respect for my medical and support team (family friends etc..) but they are not in my head.
      I started my blog to help and maybe inspire others. If I see something that may aid in that I am happy to pass it along. I should have let you know my intentions and why I reposted you work. Most of the people in my space need rays of hope and I see a lot of that in what you have to say. A little beauty goes along way. I hope you don’t mind if I share some of your posts in the future.

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      • Good evening and thanks for your reply to my comment. You’re exactly right, we are all in this together. Occupying my brain with writing and reading everything I can on wonderful sites like yours is some of the best therapy I have found. I’ve benefited greatly from both ends of that spectrum. Please don’t feel that you need to let me know your intentions of re-posting anything that you read on my site. I’m honored whenever you find something that you want to share with your readers. Please feel free to do so. Sharing is what this is all about and if it benefits someone in the process, it’s a beautiful experience for us all. I think everyone has some aspect of their life that creates the need for those ‘rays of hope’. Please continue to post and re-post….. Many of us will benefit greatly from them. Have a beautiful evening.


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