La Piedra State Beach Part 1 – Getting to the beach

What a peaceful looking place. Could be my HAPPY place!

SoCal Walking Photography

La Piedra BeachLa Piedra State Beach is an easily overlooked beach along PCH. (Map)The day of my visit it was 89 degrees, all the beaches along the coast were mobbed and I still was able to get a spot in the parking lot. At La Piedra you will find some relief from the crowd.

La Piedra Beach2La Piedra 3Like the rest of the California State Beaches La Piedra is a Fee Use Facility. Simply pay the machine and stick the receipt on your dash. The amenities are minimal but there is a few picnic tables, and porta-potties.

La Piedra 4La Piedra Fee StationLa Piedra State Beach FacilitiesLa Piedra State Beach Parking

If you can’t find parking, or don’t want to pay, head back out and park along PCH.

La Piedra Beach Trail Head

The trail head is not exactly hard to find but it’s not clearly marked either.

La Piedra 9

Just around the bend and you are rewarded with the first view of the beach.

La Piedra State Beach Trail

La Piedra State Beach Trail

Just past this point the trail will split, stay to…

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