Don’t Fracking Patronize Me

Relax Damit! Most of them mean well, they just don’t get it.

I love the fact that you listen to me. I even love the fact you have advice to offer. Just don’t Fracking tell me you know how I feel.
Yes you have been sad before and able to pull yourself out of it. Yes you have told me about how you have a wild side. Just don’t try to compare your experiences to what I am going through.
Just treat me like a person that’s all i can ask for.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Fracking Patronize Me

  1. Empathizing is one of the most basic human reactions, so i’d say anyone who tells you they know how you feel is in essence TRYING to treat you like a person. It’s easy to be annoyed, it’s harder to be sincere and choose not to get aggravated by everything. Maybe they don’t know how you feel, maybe they do? But either way, should you really get annoyed at a person who just genuinely has your best interest in mind?

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    • Thanks for the reply. I’m a bit frustrated tody. Yes I’m a little hypocritical on the issue. I might seem mad but I won’t show it. I will just withdraw and isolate. I will push the people that want to help the most away. It’s not fair or logical, it just is.

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      • My default setting is to withdraw and isolate, i don’t like to tell people what’s going on under the vague smile coz it’s usually a circus of crazy. Cynical is another of my default settings and it’s a lot easier than being open, but i’ve found that connecting with other people who have been through similar experiences is actually a really good thing for my mental health. I hope you stumble across a better mood soon 🙂


  2. You don’t know me, I don’t know you. Our life experiences are completely different. I simply don’t want to be alone out here so when I find I can connect I tend to lead with the “I know how you feel” and I shouldn’t. You have a point and I appreciate you pointing it out.


    • I was frustrated when I wrote the post. When I’m in a mood I tend not to have any filters say exactly why I’m feeling. Over the years this has. Got served me well. 😉


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