Mental Exhaustion


Relax Damit! This to shall pass….

Last night when I got home from bowling I wrote what I thought was a pretty good blog post until somehow I deleted. I was mentally exhausted. Friday nights I bowl & other than family functions it is the only time where I interact with a large group of people. The pressure I feel to have a public game face persona is tremendous. Last night was a real struggle. Luckily two of my teammates are among the small circle of people I trust enough to talk about my mental health issues. They know when to joke with me or to just leave me alone. Kidding around was enough to pull me through and I did have a good time while I was there. However, when I got home all the energy just ran right out of me. The worst part was I still had a hard time sleeping.

I know I am not alone when it comes to putting on a public persona. Because of the stigma associated with Mental Health I keep my conditions to myself, unless you count this blog…..



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