Today is still a good day!

social-media-conversationRelax Damit! Today is still a good day!

I sometimes forget that I have opted to share this blog through Facebook. I don’t check FB everyday so when I logged in this morning I surprised to see several messages regarding the fact that today was a good day or in regards to posts I made when I was not quite as cheerful. Hopefully my personal messages will put a small chink in the stigma of mental illness. I have a mental illness but that is not who I am.

I am a father of two teenagers, & husband. For years I was ashamed of being Mentally Ill. I no longer feel that way. I have a manageable condition that in many ways is no different from other illnesses. Sure many people who have a mental illness don’t or can’t get the help they need, but is that different from someone who has a heart condition or MS?

Like anyone else I have good days and bad days. My good days and bad days are probably much more intense than most of the general public can even imagine. Likewise I have no idea what it feels like to suffer from other conditions.

So yes, today is a good day. I managed to spark some conversation and that is a good thing.


2 thoughts on “Today is still a good day!

  1. As a parent I find the discussion of mental illness difficult. In my everyday life only my hubby and brother know. I realize it is no different than any other treatable illness but I still fear the stigma. I enjoy reading your blog and relate to many of your posts. 🙂


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