Must remain busy

Gloomy-weather 2

Relax Damit! You know your triggers….

About 20 percent of people with bipolar disorder experience changes in mood with changes in weather and I am one of them. Fall is my favorite season but here in Southern California that also brings cloudy, misty periods where the sun just doesn’t want to shine for a good part of the day. Waking up to take the dog for a walk in a cloud bank is not what I look forward to.

I’ve been told that it’s linked to our natural circadian rhythm, the body’s internal response to changes in a 24-hour day, responds to the amount of sunlight.

Before getting treatment I would not have known this was a trigger. So now I am better prepared. I attempt to adjust my sleep cycle, and most of all keep moving. Not a manic kind of moving but rather keep busy enough to keep the depression monster at bay. It doesn’t always work but at least I am trying.

So though it might be dismal & cloudy, eventually the sun will shine through.


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