Lack of Filters & burning bridges


RelaxDamit! Things could have gone worse…..

When I was at my Manic heights or my Depressed lows I had almost no filters whatsoever. If I was thinking it I said it. In a manic stage I was KING of the world and how dare you question me!!! When I was depressed I was F*ck it! I just don’t care what you think….

Today I caught someone in a lie that has been trying to avoid me and I called her out on it. I didn’t just call her out on it I cited the facts as to why I knew she was lying.

My wife and I are both working from home today and she was trying to wave me off, desperately attempting to let me know that my filters were not working. I had all but called the person I need to get something done a liar. Well that bridge is burned…..


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