Let it Go!

RelaxDamit! Let it Go!



Me giving others advice on letting things go is more than a little ironic. I had a major friendship breakdown in the mid 80’s and it took me over 20 years to let the bitterness anger and maybe even hate go. All those negative feelings had been festering inside me for years. I had since moved out of state and had no contact with the person in question. Then 7 years ago on a visit back home I looked up the old friend to say hello. I did not want an apology, and I did not come to flat out tell him that I forgave him. We sat, had a beer, and talked about what was going on currently. Hopefully it is a lesson I won’t forget.



4 thoughts on “Let it Go!

  1. Wow. Did I need to read this today. I know that you understand when I say that this was just one of those days to learn a lesson, sometimes a very unpleasant one. Your post was great timing for me. Thanks!!!


    • Letting go is a bitch, but it was such a relief afterwards. I figured what good is going to come out of holding on to the bitterness. The only answer I got was none. I learned some lessons that I won’t forget but the anger is gone. I never have to see the person because we live on separate coasts but I doubt I could ever us friends again. That said the animosity is gone.

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