Lack of Filters & burning bridges Update….



Relax Damit! Just Relax…

So I may have burned one bridge but built another. When I finally got ahold of the Sr. V.P. he appreciated my candor. He had no idea what was happening with the staff in question. It turned out to be partly his fault. The bridge could have been burned but we focused on a way to improve communication rather than point fingers. So it may have worked this time but I need to be more aware of when I’m about to douse the bridge with gasoline.

RelaxDamit! Things could have gone worse…..

When I was at my Manic heights or my Depressed lows I had almost no filters whatsoever. If I was thinking it I said it. In a manic stage I was KING of the world and how dare you question me!!! When I was depressed I was F*ck it! I just don’t care what you think….

Today I caught someone in a lie that has been trying to avoid me and I called her out on it. I didn’t just call her out on it I cited the facts as to why I knew she was lying.

My wife and I are both working from home today and she was trying to wave me off, desperately attempting to let me know that my filters were not working. I had all but called the person I need to get something done a liar. Well that bridge is burned…..


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