Don’t Poke The BiPolar Bear

RelaxDamit! Chill Out Dude….


My neighbor is an Ass. We don’t like each other plain and simple. I try and just ignore him but when we do have to communicate he becomes quite animated. This morning, as I was taking my daughter to school, he confronted me about a sprinkler head on my lawn getting his car wet on his driveway. Okay his car is wet I get it but I’m in a rush. Confrontation with the BiPolar Bear before the meds or coffee has kicked in a bad recipe. Add in violating personal space while pointing and the BiPolar Bear starts to get really cranky, really fast.

I don’t have to like him but I do have to live next to him so I’ll look at the sprinkler head. The temptation to redirect it so more water will spray on his car is strong but that will only make things worse.

So my response? “Chill out Dude” What the What? I never say Dude. Anyhow I’m off on a tangent…



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