*!!@*! Haloween

Physcho ward

RelaxDamit! Just Relax……

Today’s rant brought to you by: A selfish Dad who just wants to go bowling!

I don’t want to sound like the Old GET MY LAWN! curmudgeon but I don’t really care for Halloween. I don’t hate it and I’m not against it, I just to care for it.

As minutes turned into hours of insomnia last night I started thinking about why of all the holidays I dislike Halloween so much. I had no traumatic experiences as a child, no religious qualms, or anxiety related to crowds but for the past few years I have found Halloween night to be exhausting.

I was really looking forward to bowling tonight so I could avoid all the hoopla. But as fate would have it my daughter is having 5 friends over for a sleepover and a 2 hour gap popped up where there would be no parental supervision for said 8th graders. So, to make a short story long, I’m staying home.

Then it occurred to me why I wanted to get out tonight. As someone who is suffering, Managing to live with mental illness I feel like wearing a mask is part of my everyday life. Every day is Halloween, not just October 31st. So the thought of adding an extra layer of costume on top of my every day mask is not something I look forward to. 

So tonight I’ll put my usual mask on, smile and make sure the focus is on my kids enjoying one of their favorite holidays….


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