I Was The Very Best

I wish all medical professionals were a thoughtful caring, committed and displayed the same level of passion for their patients as you did for T-Rex. She is lucky to have an advocate in her corner. The decision to talk to your supervisor must mot have been easy. Florence Nightingale would be proud to have you carrying on the example of care that was set so many years ago.

Rustic Musings of a Scattered Mind

nurse MistyToday I fulfilled a part of my duty as a nurse by being an advocate for my patient and her family. Most importantly for her. I have a pediatric patient who has no voice of her own, literally and figuratively. Her family advocates for her care but what happens when nobody will listen to even them? I step in. It’s my job as a nurse to use my skills first and foremost to keep my patients alive and healthy and to “first, do no harm.”

What most people and sadly, most nurses do not understand is that our job as nurses reaches beyond the bedside. Way beyond to be exact. Mine happens to reach exactly 10 minutes and 42 seconds, four stop lights and 33 blocks beyond her bed.

(For HIPPA purposes my patient is known to the outside world as “T-Rex” with her mother’s permission)

T-Rex came into my…

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