Off My Meds – The Devil is not the King of Hell

Magnetic Nox

Tonight I’m gunna do some things that I’ve never done before,
I’m gunna find out what the screamin’s about
On the other side of that door
So don’t you bother callin’
There ain’t nobody home
Sometimes we’ve got to stand together
Sometimes alone

The devil is not the king of hell

Tom Morello – King Of Hell Lyrics

A year later and I have lost. I have lost the ability to control things. I hate it. So many times you hear the ol “uh oh…their off their meds again”. I am here to tell you, its true.

I spent years getting control of both the mania and depressive conditions of my mind. I have spent the past 12 months reflecting on my past and can now clearly identify what was going on. It’s a relief and a curse at the same time. I can now actually tell when I am…

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