Why! WHY! why!

Bipolar Katy's Corner

Why do I still find myself crying at night? I’ve had such a positive day and wrote a really great, positive piece earlier. I wanted to encourage others, I wanted to let them know that whatever happens they should stay strong, that it’ll get better with time. I wanted people to know that bad judgement and Bipolar are common friends and that it’s okay that you’re not perfect and that you should be able to forgive yourself and own up to your mistakes blah blah.. And BAM! my mind just played a trick on me now and I’m like a leaking faucet! I can’t even practice what I was about to preach!
I can’t handle these ups and downs, these same-day highs and lows! Not even new medication or hypnotherapy can fix this.
Why do I still feel the pain every time I just glance in the direction of the…

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