Trauma Therapy -Spouse Support

Relax Damit! This not my journey….

My wife is currently going through trauma therapy. This post is not about the details of why she is in trauma therapy, that is her story to tell. This post is about providing support.

A magic formula or guide book on how to support her would be wonderful.  Getting through day can be a mine field of damned if you damned if you don’t situation. What works now may not work 15 minutes later.

Stepping back and letting her deal with this is hard to do. No pill provides an instant fix. No time table for recovery can be established. Even the definition of what recovery is vague at best.

In editing the post I just deleted about 3 paragraphs because they all related to me. I felt, I did, I think, I need…. Supporting someone when you can’t fix it or control the outcome is scary.

It’s time to step up and support her. This her journey and hers alone.


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