Parental Regression

Relax Damit! Let them do their own work.

I swore I would never get sucked into a last minute school project again. My kids are in high school and need to learn that if you don’t do the work you fail. Yesterday, I got sucked back into the drama and I did most of my son’s english assignment.

At the parent support group meeting last night I was reminded that I didn’t get sucked in but dove in head on. I knew what I was doing. Saving him from failure was for my benefit not his. He learned nothing other than Dad will still rescue me.

Before I started to jump in and rescue the assignment warning bells were ring warning me to stop. About half way through it was clear to me that I cared about the details of the assignment more than he did so I walked away from it.

I was happy to give advice and point out some things out but I have already graduated from high school and don’t feel like going back.

Did I learn my lesson? Did he learn a lesson? Time will tell.

All I know was I told myself to Relax Damit! Let him do his own work.


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