Garage Cleaning Therapy?

Relax Damit! It’s quality time…

I can think of things I would like to do less than cleaning the garage with my wife, but the list is really short. The past year has been hell. Kid drama, wife drama, self drama, family drama we have had quite a run. One victim of the chaos has been the garage. Slowly it turned into a dumping ground for things we just didn’t have the energy to deal with. If left unchecked we were bound to end up as an episode of hoarders.

Just getting started can be like ripping off a bandage on an open wound. It is much easier to point out what she needs to get rid of than focus on what I need to take care of. Over the years we both have piles of junk/valuables that we refused to get rid of despite what the other nagged about. (If It’s mine its valuable & if it’s yours then it’s junk.)

This time was different. It wasn’t always easy but I put my focus on going through my valuables (that were mostly junk) and helping her ways that I could. When it was over we could get a car back in the garage and had to call the trash company for extra pickups. Should have just gotten a dumpster…


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