Relax Damit! Some people will never understand…

This afternoon I spent an hour or so talking to my father about Bipolar Depression and Mental Illness in general. Even though both my brother and I were diagnosed with different types of Mental Illness he can’t wrap his mind around the concept. 

It’s not as though he is denial that we have a illness, he just doesn’t get it. It used to frustrate me to no end. Now I find it easier to accept he may never understand and that is okay, at least he is accepting and honest about the situation. 

The fact that no 2 people that have been diagnosed as Bipolar have the same conditions never made sense to him. Today I used snowflakes as a visual reference. Snowflakes all look the same until you can study them closely. Mental Illness can be like that. On the surface nothing seems different.

I think for the first time he may have understood some of what I have been struggling to explain. Some people may never understand and that’s ok…


One thought on “Snowflakes

  1. I also recently reached that point with my father. Despite my mother (mentally ill + suicide) and myself (bipolar)….. he, as you say, just doesn’t get it. It bothered and distressed me greatly until I came to terms with the truth that I could never MAKE him understand. I don’t have that kind of control or power. So, he doesn’t understand, but I know he loves me, and that’s now good enough for me

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