Lost Car Key Meltdown

Relax Damit! The key turned up eventually….

All this has happened before and all of this will happen again. (Battlestar Galactica) Today is not the first time I have lost my car key. Actually, it happens on a regular basis. I blame it on the ADD. 

Today the key disappeared just as I needed to leave and pick up my daughter from school. Her school is 40 miles away in Los Angeles traffic and not only could I not find the key I could not find the spare. I have guests staying at the house and they helped raise the anxiety to a whole new level by helping me look for them. Finally, I gave up and had to borrow a car. 

When I got home my panic attack kicked into overdrive as my guests had torn apart the house looking for the key. After 2 hours I gave up and decided the key just didn’t want to be found. A walk helped clear my head but the panic came back with a vengeance as soon as I got home. 

When my wife got home she found the key in about 3 minutes. Ughhh!!!!!

I blame it on the ADD…


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